Kalyana Sundaram M

Story and Screenplay Writer

Kalyana Sundaram is the most experienced writer in Tamil Film industry who had worked with some legends like Mr. Balumahendra, Mr. Rama Narayanan, etc. He has vast experience in developing the fictional scripts and writing dialogs. He is currently supporting us in our script discussions by sharing his experiences.

Kalyana Sundaram started his career as a writer by assisting Director Rama Narayanan in screen play writing process for the movie Sumai (1981). With the experience gathered on the first movie process, he went to work with Mr. MD Sundar, then Chairman of Writer’s Union, on some screen play and dialog writing projects.

During his earlier stage of the career kalyana sundaram had worked around 30 projects of Director Rama Narayanan including Ithu Enga Naadu (1983), Pei Veedu (1984) and Mamiyarkal Jakirathai (1986).

On the process he had a chance to work on the project of Legendary actor Mr. Kamal Hasan’s Sathya (1988) as assistant of Director Suresh Krishna.  Later on he worked to Director Balu Mahendra on the national award winning movie Vanna Vanna Pookal (1992) and Marupadiyum (1993).

Kalyana Sundaram has close association with Actor Ramarajan as his personal assistant for around 10 years, assisted him on script selection process.

With all these fictional screen play and dialog writing experience kalyana sundaram is working with Zeal Visuals as writer.