Prabakaran B

CEO and Advertising Director

Prabakaran is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Karunya University, who has passion in film making. He started his career in direction team with the first season of Naalaya Iyakunar, Kalaingar TV with a break in his studies. The experience he gathered from Naalaya Iyakunar, provides the basement for his dream career as a film maker.

After the first season of Naalaiya Iyakunar, Prabakaran went back to college to complete his discontinued engineering. During those college days he had an opportunity work as the film maker there. He had created a team among the co-students and led the team as director for the corporate film about the department and college he was studying. With his experience he had chosen the team, crafted the script, did shot divisions and all film making in the campus. This helped him to keep touch with his passion during the processes of graduation.

Graduated prabakaran came back to his profession in film industry and worked in some short films and telefilms. Currently he is in preproduction of his feature film and in the team Zeal Visuals.

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