Sutharsan V

Interior Designer

Suthrsan is an interior modelling expert who also has experience in converting those models to reality through engineering process. Sutharsan started his career by designing some interiors around his places and extend to support clients all over the world.

Though started with modelling interiors he extended his working area to constructing them with well equipped and skilled team of construction. The construction process is entirely handled by skilled workers of various services like carpentry, electrical, plumbing, construction, etc and managed by sutharsan with his innovative approaches on converting the models into reality.

Satharsan’s expertise is that he had worked in some overseas projects from Australia though his modelling skills. He also had provided interior modelling to some ships and shopping complexes in Australia.

With all these local and overseas experience in interior designing and engineering services sutharsan is acting as the creative head of Interior and Engineering Services team of Zeal Visuals.

 Recent Works