Valar Pandi R


Valar pandi is a visual editor with experience in various sector of film editing such as spot edit, live edit,  final edit, etc. Pandi started his career as an editor by working in some short films and later grown to work in feature films. He has worked as editor in various short films and documentaries apart from his advertisement works for his previous organisations.

Valar Pandi is passionate towards the post production of film making process which made him a professional editor. The major strength of pandi is his flexibility on working with different directors and give them their expected out through his experience cuts. This quality of him made him to grow in the industry.

Pandi has worked as spot editor in Super Films Produced, Arya stared film Kadamban. Apart from that he has worked as associate editors in films like Arasakulam, Madurai to theni part 2, MGR Sivaji Rajni Kamal, Chola poori, Mokka padam and more. Pandi did as editor in short films like Ettum Varai, Salanam, feature films like Kanmani, Puli kudi veeran, Divya and a documentary called Mallukattu.

With all his experience in editing visuals now valar pandi is doing his profession in Zeal Visuals as visual advertisement editor.

 Recent Works